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5 April 2011

Convicted Paedophile James Connor Up For Appeal In Romania (Photos)

James Connor as he is being taken back to prison at the Appeal Court in Iaşi (Photo: Task Force Media)

Scottish lorry driver James Connor will appear on Thursday, April the 7th, before the Court of Appeal in Iaşi, Romania, in a bid for freedom. He has been convicted to a total of 22 years in prison by the Vaslui Tribunal, on four counts of child pornography and sex with a minor. According to the Romanian law, James Connor’s sentences will overlap and he is expected to serve only the longest term, of 8 years.

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18 February 2011

Cab Driver Beaten To Death Over Parking Place

A 49 years old taxi driver from Bucharest was beaten to death by an 22 years old driver, Wednesday night, in a row over a parking place. The young man was trying to park his car in a relatively crowded zone in the Romanian capital. The taxi driver reportedly started to honk at him aggressively, trying to prompt him to speed up. According to the eye witnesses, the suspect was so annoyed by the honking that he got out of his car and started to hit the cab driver. 

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12 February 2011

Smuggler’s Heart Failed As Cops Nicked Him

Albiţa, a gateway from the USSR to the EU

A lorry driver coming in from the Republic of Moldova died of heart failure at the border crossing point with Romania, in Albiţa, Vaslui County. The driver was allegedly carrying an important amount of contraband cigarettes and the border officers had caught wind of his intentions. As his lorry was being thoroughly searched, the driver collapsed. Medics were rushed to the scene but they could only write the death certificate. 

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17 January 2011

Massive Boycott Against Petrol Stations in Romania

Romanian motorists' final bid: complete boycott

Thousands of motorists are expected to withhold from refueling for three days in Romania, starting on Monday, the 17 of January and ending on Wednesday, the 19th. This is the Romanian’s latest attempt to persuade petrol retailers to curb their prices, which are the highest in the European Union – in a country considered to be among the EU’s poorest.

For several weeks, motorists have been paying in pennies for their petrol purchases, in protest, after makins sure that they only filled up with just one litre of fuel in as much time as possible. The prices of petrol in Romania have increased by 30 percent since 2009, although a decrease in demand has been noted by 15 percent in just 2010.

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6 December 2010

Safest Ride in Bucharest: the Jesus Cab

Riding in a taxi in Bucharest is usually about dirty cars, ill spirited drivers who chat about their most personal details on their mobiles while driving, Gipsy music and bad conversation, whether the client wants it or not. And, of course, if the client is a foreigner, most likely a very “special price”, five times higher. Not much is being offered in terms of alternative – or wasn’t, to be more precise. With the advent of the Christian taxi drivers in Romania’s capital, clients are being given the chance of being taken to their destination and being given free spiritual advice.

20 or more Christian drivers have taken a vow of not using profanities while driving – a rare thing in Bucharest. They carry no baseball bats, as most cab drivers do, they play only Christian hymns in their car stereos and the conversation they start has only got to do with salvation.

One can tell their cars by the Christian signs posted on their windshields. The leader of the group is a Pentecostal taxi driver who has rallied the support of various fellow drivers from other Christian denominations. They are now being taught how to carry a clean, soul oriented conversation with their clients. Their goal is to convince clients to turn their lives over to Jesus, the great driver in the sky. And while clients have to pay for their fare, the Christian drivers insist that salvation be free, whether the clients like it or not.

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15 October 2010

Pedestrian Kills Driver in Accident

A young woman from Iaşi, Romania, was convicted by a local court this week, for culpable manslaughter, in an unprecedented case. The woman, named by the court Iulia Iamandii, was found guilty of causing the death of a moped driver, who ran into her as she was crossing the street illegally.

The sentence was 6 months suspended sentence and it can be appealed.

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29 September 2010

EXCLUSIVE! “Scottish Driver Did Not Molest Our Boy”

The family of the 9 year old Romanian boy who was allegedly sexually molested by a Scottish lorry driver in August this year makes surprising statements. According to the boy’s sister and to his aunt, the 9 year old boy, who was found in the Scottish driver’s company, along with another 13 years old, was not the victim of sexual abuse.

“He told us that the foreigner only had oral sex with the other boy, but not with ours”, claim both the aunt, and the elder sister, in an exclusive interview for Task Force Media.

The driver, James Connor, was arrested on August the 23rd in Vaslui, Romania. In the cabin of his lorry, the police found a 9 year old boy that had been reported missing, another 13 years old boy and a laptop computer that, according to prosecutors, contained pornographic images with children. Investigators claim that the Scottish driver took several children in his cabin, drove them around various locations in Romania and abused them. While doing that, he would also film the outrageous scenes.

James Connor is currently under arrest and, pending his trial, whose date has not been set yet.

Task Force Media can offer exclusive video footage of the interview.

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