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2 February 2011

NOT Safe To Be A Foreigner: Stars Night Club, Romania

Stars Night Club, a place of many incidents (photo by Adevărul)

American citizens, soldiers and K1 fighters from Holland – they all shared the same fate in one Romanian night club, in Bucharest. They claim that they have been beaten, held prisoners and threatened, after their refusal to pay bills that had been seriously overpriced. One incident, on January the 16th 2011, involved three US soldiers, who were transiting Romania’s capital on their way to their unit in Kogălniceanu, Constanţa.

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12 December 2010

Nicolas Cage Filmed in Bucharest Rage (Watch video)

An incident allegedly involving actor Nicolas Cage and two of his associates was captured on video by an amateur cameraman in Bucharest, Romania, on Sunday morning.

In the footage, a man resembling Nicolas Cage shouts furiously at another person, challenging his counterpart to hit him. The actor is claimed to have said repeatedly “I would die for honour”, using also profanities. Cage was reportedly taken to his hotel by his security guards after the said incident.

A week ago, another incident involved Nicolas Cage’s staff, when a disgruntled extra called the police, reporting that he’d been kept outside in the cold for a whole night, while the actor was allegedly kept warm inside his trailer. The authorities took no measures, as it was established that no law had been broken.

Nicolas Cage is filming in Romania the sequel to “Ghost Rider”, in which are also staring Violante Placido and Ciaran Hinds.

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10 November 2010

Moldovan Football Fans in Friendly Fist Fight

A spontaneos skirmish was caught on cameras in the Republic of Moldova, between two groups of football supporters. Ten fans from Bălţi challenged another 10 supporters from Tiraspol to a fight. Chanting the name of their home towns, the supporters went at each other with punches and kicks, as their friends watched and recorded the scene on video.

The supporters from Bălţi, wearing red t-shirts, scored a quick victory against their rivals from Tiraspol and then retreated, shouting the name of their home town for another minute or so. The friendly skirmish ended with no serious damage to any of the fighters.

Details are scarce as to where and when this happened. The Youtube user that posted the video only mentions that it happened “in enemy territory”.

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17 October 2010

All-Out War: Gipsies Clash with Police

For a second night in a row, police special forces fought hundreds of angry Gipsies in Glina, on the outskirts of Bucharest. The angry mob attacked law enforcers with stones, after having blocked several roads. Police retaliated with smoke grenades, tear gas and batons and after hours of tension managed to restore public order.

The Gipsies were angry at the way authorities are handling a case of murder, whose victim was a Gipsy. The murder happened three days ago and the 18 years old victim’s family claims that the culprit is the son of an influential local business man. The victim was killed with an axe and his relatives claim that the suspect has previously commited other serious offences, but was never investigated.

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