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15 October 2010

Police Bribe Ring at Romanian-Hungarian Border

For a wanted criminal, the bribe is 400 Euros to get across the border from Romania to Hungary – just over the Schengen Eastern frontier. Only 100 Euros for someone with expired documents. This has been revealed by an investigation conducted by the Anti-Corruption Romanian officers, who went undercover in order to expose an alleged Romanian-Hungarian criminal alliance between police officers and agents.

Investigators have discovered a network of drivers and police officers, that allows wanted criminals to flee the country for the equivalent of the average monthly pay in Romania. Officers approached the drivers, who acted as go-betweens for the corrupt police agents, telling them they had to flee the country.

Subsequently, they were instructed to go aboard lorries or mini-buses. Instead of papers, they would hand the driver the sum of 400 Euros and this would secure them safe passage across the border. According to investigators, the money would be taken by the Romanian police agents, who would then split them in half with their Hungarian counterparts.

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