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18 December 2010

TV Diva: “I Stripped for Playboy, They Didn’t Pay!”

It probably seemed like a good idea for Romanian sexy diva Daniela Crudu to take off her clother for Playboy in front of about a dozen print factory workers. Especially since, as she claims, the magazine had promised her 5.000 US Dollars in return for her display of naked beauty. Although she says that she signed a contract for the fee above and her naked photos appeared in the March 2010 edition, Daniela complains that she never did receive the money.

Sources close to Daniela Crudu say that she’s been making countless phone calls to the magazine representatives, hoping to eventually get her money, but to no success. “We received an order from Hugh Heffner, saying that the girls we feature in our magazine should not be paid any more. We know nothing of any money for Daniela Crudu”, stated Daliana Barbuică, PR Manager for Playboy Romania.

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