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10 March 2011

Italian couple arrested for child trafficking (Watch Video)

The couple had bought a three days old toddler from a young Romanian mother with whom they had previously made a deal, since before the child was born. As the pregnant Romanian woman was about to give birth, she was admitted to the maternity in Bacău using the italian woman’s identification documents. Thus, the child’s birth certificate had the Italian woman’s name on it as the mother of the toddler.

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2 February 2011

Italian Playboy Pensioner Misteriously Dead in Romania

Coroners taking away the body of the misteriously dead Italian man

A 54 years old Italian national was found dead in his apartment in Paşcani, în North-Eastern Romania, on Wednesday. The man’s body shows bruises around the neck, but investigators refrain from naming a cause of death before a full forensic report is filed. The Italian man had been living in Romania for about two years and was a known to throw frequent parties, with several women. 

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