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15 December 2012

Iraqi Man Arrested in Romania, Suspected of Planning to Kill US and UK Diplomats


The 38 years old Khazar Karim Friad was detained by law enforcers on December the 13th, near the British Embassy in Bucharest. The Iraqi was in possession of a 7 inch knife and was plotting to physically injure and even to cause the death of several Western diplomats, it has been revealed in a press release from the Romanian Anti-terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (DIICOT). The targets were US and British diplomatic representatives posted to Romania, say the prosecutors. Investigators claim that the suspect is a follower of Saddam Hussein’s doctrine and thus was planning to avenge the military actions taken by Western powers on his country’s soil.

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2 April 2011

Serial Rapist-Murderer Preys On Young Couples In Moldova

Forensics search the crime scene in Durleşti

Three identical double homicides brought terror to the Republic of Moldova, a former Soviet republic just East of Romania. Police suspect that the killer stalks young couples looking for a romantic retreat in remote locations and then strikes: he raped three girls and had their boyfriends watch – and, in the end, shot each couple dead. The latest case happened on the first of April, in Durleşti, a small town not far from the country’s capital, Chişinău. A 15 years old girl, Olguţa Caslaru, was found shot and naked from the waist down in a car. Her 19 years old boyfriend’s body, Ilie Racu, bearing shotgun marks, was found in the boot of the car. 

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4 January 2011

Gruesome Discoveries After Crime of Passion: Woman’s Family also Murdered

The mother and the father of the woman pushed to her death in the Danube Canal on Monday evening were also found dead in their home, 24 hours after the initial incident, it has been revealed by media and police sources. The first to be discovered was the woman’s mother, whose dead body was found stashed in a closet in her house, bearing visible marks of violence. Hours later, investigators also found the woman’s father, dead, under a bed in the same house.

On Monday evening, a 30 years old man has forced his 21 years old wife out of their car and into the Danube Canal, throwing himself along in the water. They both lost their lives in the incident. The only eyewitness to the terrible scene is a 14 years old boy, the 21 years old woman’s brother, who was in the same car with the couple. He gave the police a detailed account of a terrible fight between the two, just before the woman was dragged into the waters.

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21 October 2010

Run Over by Drunk Police Officer, Killed by Ambulance

It happened to a 15 years old girl in Russia, as the car she was in got smashed into by a drunk police officer, who was driving his personal car. The other two young women who were in the victim’s vehicle also suffered injuries. But, as the ambulance arrived at the scene, it ran into the 15 years old teenager and killed her.

The incident happened in a town called langa Kargosok, from the Tomsk Region. This is the latest from a series of similar incidents. In another case, the prosecutors from the Kursk Region have identified the author of a hit and run accident as the deputy chief of the Sovietsky district. The policeman, who was allegedly driving drunk, smashed into a 16 years old girl and killed her.

In April 2010, another drunk police officer, in the Moscow suburbs, drove his car into a woman and her 9 years old daughter, killing the child. And, in March this year, another drunk police officer killed a pregnant woman, in Moscow.

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15 October 2010

Pedestrian Kills Driver in Accident

A young woman from Iaşi, Romania, was convicted by a local court this week, for culpable manslaughter, in an unprecedented case. The woman, named by the court Iulia Iamandii, was found guilty of causing the death of a moped driver, who ran into her as she was crossing the street illegally.

The sentence was 6 months suspended sentence and it can be appealed.

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8 October 2010

Romanian Schools, Second Most Dangerous

According to a survey by the World Health Organization, Romania’s schools rank second in the world in terms of violence levels. Seven students out of 10 fear their classmates – a percentage only exceeded by Hungary, whose fear level is 75%. One in five Romanian students have already been subject to violence from their schoolmates.

A painful example of that violence is the latest murder in Craiova, where a high school student was stabbed to death outside the school by another schoolmate, in front of the victim’s friends.

Last year, over 400 students have been indicted for acts of violence. Over 80 percent of them were ethnic Romanians and only 10 percent were ethnic Gipsies – despite the perception that Gipsy students are responsible for the most school lawlessness.

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