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18 February 2011

Cab Driver Beaten To Death Over Parking Place

A 49 years old taxi driver from Bucharest was beaten to death by an 22 years old driver, Wednesday night, in a row over a parking place. The young man was trying to park his car in a relatively crowded zone in the Romanian capital. The taxi driver reportedly started to honk at him aggressively, trying to prompt him to speed up. According to the eye witnesses, the suspect was so annoyed by the honking that he got out of his car and started to hit the cab driver. 

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11 February 2011

Two Women Killed In Ammunition Plant Explosion

The blast was followed by a raging fire

Another man was wounded in what seems to have been an industrial accident at an ammunition factory in Sadu, Romania. Fire was still present on the scene at noon, as fire fighters were attempting to put it out. It is yet unclear what lead to the explosion, but the plant has a long history of similar incidents.

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24 October 2010

Romanian Nurse Killed in Italy to Be Buried on Tuesday

Maricica Hăhăianu, the 32 years old Romanian nurse brutally killed in an Italian train station on October the 8th, has been repatriated and will be buried in her home town on Tuesday. Maricica Hăhăianu was hit by a 20 years old Italian man so hard that she lost balance and smashed her head against the sidewalk. The victim went into a coma and died several days later in an Italian hospital.

Her body is now at the chapel in Râmnicu Sărat, her home town. Italian authorities in Rome decided to give her name to a local square, close to where she was attacked. The suspect, 20 years old Alessio Burtone, was cheered by an Italian crowd, as he was being taken into custody.

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