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15 December 2012

Iraqi Man Arrested in Romania, Suspected of Planning to Kill US and UK Diplomats


The 38 years old Khazar Karim Friad was detained by law enforcers on December the 13th, near the British Embassy in Bucharest. The Iraqi was in possession of a 7 inch knife and was plotting to physically injure and even to cause the death of several Western diplomats, it has been revealed in a press release from the Romanian Anti-terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (DIICOT). The targets were US and British diplomatic representatives posted to Romania, say the prosecutors. Investigators claim that the suspect is a follower of Saddam Hussein’s doctrine and thus was planning to avenge the military actions taken by Western powers on his country’s soil.

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30 March 2011

Paedophile’s Victim, Suspect of Murder In “Sheer Blind Fury”

The teenage murder suspect (Photo: Adevărul)

A gruesome murder case in Constanţa, Romania, has but one 14 years old suspect: a young boy that has, allegedly, been sexually abused by the now dead 39 years old man who died a very brutal death. The deceased had been reported missing by his family three days before he was found in a blood-covered 6 feet deep cellar. Investigators interviewed the young boy and, according to sources, found out that the murder victim had tried repeatedly to molest him sexually – the last time being close to the day of the murder. The 14 years old boy is expected to be heard by a court on Wednesday, for a ruling on whether to arrest him or not. The story between the boy and the murder victim goes back a long time. 

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2 February 2011

Italian Playboy Pensioner Misteriously Dead in Romania

Coroners taking away the body of the misteriously dead Italian man

A 54 years old Italian national was found dead in his apartment in Paşcani, în North-Eastern Romania, on Wednesday. The man’s body shows bruises around the neck, but investigators refrain from naming a cause of death before a full forensic report is filed. The Italian man had been living in Romania for about two years and was a known to throw frequent parties, with several women. 

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4 January 2011

Gruesome Discoveries After Crime of Passion: Woman’s Family also Murdered

The mother and the father of the woman pushed to her death in the Danube Canal on Monday evening were also found dead in their home, 24 hours after the initial incident, it has been revealed by media and police sources. The first to be discovered was the woman’s mother, whose dead body was found stashed in a closet in her house, bearing visible marks of violence. Hours later, investigators also found the woman’s father, dead, under a bed in the same house.

On Monday evening, a 30 years old man has forced his 21 years old wife out of their car and into the Danube Canal, throwing himself along in the water. They both lost their lives in the incident. The only eyewitness to the terrible scene is a 14 years old boy, the 21 years old woman’s brother, who was in the same car with the couple. He gave the police a detailed account of a terrible fight between the two, just before the woman was dragged into the waters.

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4 January 2011

Crime of Passion: Man Drowns Woman and Himself in Danube

He forced her out of the car and then pushed her into the freezing waters of the Danube Canal in Romania, also throwing himself in the stream. This is the only eyewitness account of a misterious deadly incident that occured on Monday evening in Cernavodă, Romania. Both the man and the woman lost their lives.

The witness is none other than a 14 years old boy, allegedly the 21 years old woman’s brother, who was riding in the same car with her and with her husband. The boy tells that the couple had a terrible fight just before the incident, because of the woman’s intention to leave her spouse. Initially, the police thought the incident was a double suicide, as the couple also had serious financial problems, both the 30 years old man and the woman having lost their sources of income.

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3 November 2010

Teachers Demand “School Police” in Romania

It is the initiative of a Romanian high-school headmaster in the county of Gorj. The mayor of Târgu Jiu is now examining his request for the creation of a special branch in the local police service, one that will tackle school issues exclusively.

This comes after a long series of school violence in Romania, one that culminated with the killing of a 17 years old student in Craiova. Very often, teachers are also the subject of violence and theats from their own students, disgruntled by the low grades they are often given.

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17 October 2010

All-Out War: Gipsies Clash with Police

For a second night in a row, police special forces fought hundreds of angry Gipsies in Glina, on the outskirts of Bucharest. The angry mob attacked law enforcers with stones, after having blocked several roads. Police retaliated with smoke grenades, tear gas and batons and after hours of tension managed to restore public order.

The Gipsies were angry at the way authorities are handling a case of murder, whose victim was a Gipsy. The murder happened three days ago and the 18 years old victim’s family claims that the culprit is the son of an influential local business man. The victim was killed with an axe and his relatives claim that the suspect has previously commited other serious offences, but was never investigated.

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15 October 2010

Killed His Wife With H.I.V. Infection

A 40 years old woman from Botoşani, Romania, died, after having been intentionally infected with H.I.V. by her ex-husband. The man only told her that she was positive after having broken up with her. His victim’s condition was, at the time she learned about the ilness, too far off for treatment and she died shortly.

The woman kept her condition secret from her parents, who saw her die without knowing why. After she passed away, the victim’s parents found the letters from her ex husband, that informed her she had been infected. The man was arrested and is now on trial for murder, for which he faces a term of 25 years in prison. He has had an H.I.V. infection for 10 years and receives medical treatment for it. The suspect’s priors include also the arson of a church in Botoşani.

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8 October 2010

Romanian Schools, Second Most Dangerous

According to a survey by the World Health Organization, Romania’s schools rank second in the world in terms of violence levels. Seven students out of 10 fear their classmates – a percentage only exceeded by Hungary, whose fear level is 75%. One in five Romanian students have already been subject to violence from their schoolmates.

A painful example of that violence is the latest murder in Craiova, where a high school student was stabbed to death outside the school by another schoolmate, in front of the victim’s friends.

Last year, over 400 students have been indicted for acts of violence. Over 80 percent of them were ethnic Romanians and only 10 percent were ethnic Gipsies – despite the perception that Gipsy students are responsible for the most school lawlessness.

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