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11 November 2010

Romanian Broadcasters in Music Row

A new law stirred the airwaves and the spirits in Romania, as radio broadcasters are now compelled to include into their playlists no less than 40 percent of Romanian productions.

Radio managers are now facing a big dilemma. While the modern music stations may have where to choose from, the oldies stations will find themselves in the position to either change their formats or to start broadcasting 70’s and 80’s communist propaganda music – which is what was mostly being produced in those days. Non-propaganda music from Romania’s 70’s and 80’s is also not very appealing to the general public, according to radio managers.

The bill was passed into law without even being discussed in Parliament, as Romanian law-makers consider a bill adopted by default if they fail to debate in in a certain period of time. Two more such laws regulating the media have been adopted in the same fashion in the past seven days. One of those laws required the closure of two of the public broadcaster’s channels, TVR 3 and TVR Info.

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