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11 November 2010

Gay Priests’ Church Orgies Trigger Scandal in Romania

Constantin Corceagu, the parisher of St. Nicolae-Coastă church from Slatina, Romania, has caused outrage after pictures of him in the company of young men appeared on an investigations website. A lot of the photos, many of them very explicite, lead to the conclusion that the priest and several other young men would have been engaging in gay orgies, either in the parish house or in rooms within the church compound.

The priest, aged 57, is known for tutoring young men who wish to seek a career within the church – and this was confirmed by high Orthodox church officials. The same officials announced that they would suspend the priest, pending an investigation based on the photographs supplied by the investigation journalists.

This is hardly the first case when an Orthodox priest in Romania is accused of homosexual conduct. In Romania, gay relationships are legal, but the Orthodox church strongly forbids them.

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