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8 December 2013

Chevron’s Fence Torn Down By Villagers in Pungești

Angry villagers in Pungești, Romania, tear down the fence surrounding the Chevron shale gas prospecting site, built against the locals’ opposition to the project. Riot police stands helplessly by. December 6th 2013.

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17 October 2010

All-Out War: Gipsies Clash with Police

For a second night in a row, police special forces fought hundreds of angry Gipsies in Glina, on the outskirts of Bucharest. The angry mob attacked law enforcers with stones, after having blocked several roads. Police retaliated with smoke grenades, tear gas and batons and after hours of tension managed to restore public order.

The Gipsies were angry at the way authorities are handling a case of murder, whose victim was a Gipsy. The murder happened three days ago and the 18 years old victim’s family claims that the culprit is the son of an influential local business man. The victim was killed with an axe and his relatives claim that the suspect has previously commited other serious offences, but was never investigated.

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13 October 2010

Riots in Romania: Tax Inspectors Revolt, Finance Secretary Flees

The Finance Secretary in Romania has fled the Ministry headquarters, according to Realitatea TV, at the pressure of hundreds of angry tax inspectors who invaded the ministry, in a wildcat strike protest. He is reported to have sought refuge in the Government building, after having baricaded himself in his office.

Several tax and revenue services in Romania have been paralyzed on Wednesday afternoon by spontaneous wildcat strikes and riots. The tax inspectors are angered that the government has canceled their bonuses, after having already cut their pay by a quarter, at the request of the IMF.

Thousands of protesters have occupied the hallways of the tax services and have boo-ed all officials who tried to approach them. The angry tax inspector crowds are refusing any negotiation and demand that their bonuses be reinstated. Similar wildcat actions have also been reported at numerous state pension administrations throughout the country.

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