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20 September 2011

Romanian-Dutch Schengen Row Seems Unofficial State Policy

Romania’s seisure of a dozen Dutch lorries shipping in flowers from Holland as an alleged retaliation on Friday’s Dutch opposition to Romania’s accession to Schengen is anything but new, claim the Romanian media. France has also been targeted by similar retaliatory tactics, during Paris’ opposition to Romania’s admission to Schengen. Two major French companies under governmental contracts in Romania saw their contracts lost or almost lost, coincidentally at the very same time with the Romanian-French stalemate on the Schengen issue.

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11 February 2011

Romania’s Eurovision Contestant In Web Cam Sex Row

Cancan claims they have an exact copy of the lines exchanged (Photo: Cancan)

David Bryan, who will represent Romania in the Eurovision song contest of 2011, is in the middle of an embarassing sexual row, after Romanian tabloid Cancan published an alleged sexual conversation attributed to the singer and to a young lady from the same country. David Bryan, frontman of Hotel FM, allegedly met the woman online and started a very sexually charged conversation, mostly conducted in English, while his official girlfriend was reportedly sleeping in the next room. According to Cancan, the singer described to the young woman details of how he would like to sexually engage her, showed her his genitalia on a webcam and even masturbated. 

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2 February 2011

NOT Safe To Be A Foreigner: Stars Night Club, Romania

Stars Night Club, a place of many incidents (photo by Adevărul)

American citizens, soldiers and K1 fighters from Holland – they all shared the same fate in one Romanian night club, in Bucharest. They claim that they have been beaten, held prisoners and threatened, after their refusal to pay bills that had been seriously overpriced. One incident, on January the 16th 2011, involved three US soldiers, who were transiting Romania’s capital on their way to their unit in Kogălniceanu, Constanţa.

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18 December 2010

TV Diva: “I Stripped for Playboy, They Didn’t Pay!”

It probably seemed like a good idea for Romanian sexy diva Daniela Crudu to take off her clother for Playboy in front of about a dozen print factory workers. Especially since, as she claims, the magazine had promised her 5.000 US Dollars in return for her display of naked beauty. Although she says that she signed a contract for the fee above and her naked photos appeared in the March 2010 edition, Daniela complains that she never did receive the money.

Sources close to Daniela Crudu say that she’s been making countless phone calls to the magazine representatives, hoping to eventually get her money, but to no success. “We received an order from Hugh Heffner, saying that the girls we feature in our magazine should not be paid any more. We know nothing of any money for Daniela Crudu”, stated Daliana Barbuică, PR Manager for Playboy Romania.

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12 December 2010

Nicolas Cage Filmed in Bucharest Rage (Watch video)

An incident allegedly involving actor Nicolas Cage and two of his associates was captured on video by an amateur cameraman in Bucharest, Romania, on Sunday morning.

In the footage, a man resembling Nicolas Cage shouts furiously at another person, challenging his counterpart to hit him. The actor is claimed to have said repeatedly “I would die for honour”, using also profanities. Cage was reportedly taken to his hotel by his security guards after the said incident.

A week ago, another incident involved Nicolas Cage’s staff, when a disgruntled extra called the police, reporting that he’d been kept outside in the cold for a whole night, while the actor was allegedly kept warm inside his trailer. The authorities took no measures, as it was established that no law had been broken.

Nicolas Cage is filming in Romania the sequel to “Ghost Rider”, in which are also staring Violante Placido and Ciaran Hinds.

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11 November 2010

Gay Priests’ Church Orgies Trigger Scandal in Romania

Constantin Corceagu, the parisher of St. Nicolae-Coastă church from Slatina, Romania, has caused outrage after pictures of him in the company of young men appeared on an investigations website. A lot of the photos, many of them very explicite, lead to the conclusion that the priest and several other young men would have been engaging in gay orgies, either in the parish house or in rooms within the church compound.

The priest, aged 57, is known for tutoring young men who wish to seek a career within the church – and this was confirmed by high Orthodox church officials. The same officials announced that they would suspend the priest, pending an investigation based on the photographs supplied by the investigation journalists.

This is hardly the first case when an Orthodox priest in Romania is accused of homosexual conduct. In Romania, gay relationships are legal, but the Orthodox church strongly forbids them.

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11 November 2010

MPs and TV Stars in Prostitution Row in Romania

A top model agency in Romania was acting as a prostitution ring, supplying girls for the country’s highest and mightiest, claim Romanian prosecutors. Several dozens of girls were recruited and convinced to offer sex for money, under the promises of glamourous careers in television. The young girls were also being promised the chance of marrying rich men.

Robert Negoiţă and Nicolae Bănicioiu are two of the MPs that have allegedly paid for sex with the girls supplied by Star Models and Diva Models, the modelling agencies that supposedly acted as covers for the prostitution business. Adrian Enache, a famous Romanian singer and Răzvan Nicolescu, manager of TVR 2, are also on the alleged client list. Several other suspected crime ring leaders are among the clients named by the prosecution. All men have either denied the allegation or refused to answer them.

This is the second recent case of suspected prostitution under the cover of modelling agencies targeted at politicians and other public figures in Romania.

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11 November 2010

Romanian Broadcasters in Music Row

A new law stirred the airwaves and the spirits in Romania, as radio broadcasters are now compelled to include into their playlists no less than 40 percent of Romanian productions.

Radio managers are now facing a big dilemma. While the modern music stations may have where to choose from, the oldies stations will find themselves in the position to either change their formats or to start broadcasting 70’s and 80’s communist propaganda music – which is what was mostly being produced in those days. Non-propaganda music from Romania’s 70’s and 80’s is also not very appealing to the general public, according to radio managers.

The bill was passed into law without even being discussed in Parliament, as Romanian law-makers consider a bill adopted by default if they fail to debate in in a certain period of time. Two more such laws regulating the media have been adopted in the same fashion in the past seven days. One of those laws required the closure of two of the public broadcaster’s channels, TVR 3 and TVR Info.

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