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20 September 2011

Gerard Depardieu Stars in Romanian Cult Film Remake

Deep in the heart of Romania, in the Mureş County, Gerard Depardieu is undertaking a rare enterprise: the remake of one of the gems of Romanian film-making, “The Death of Ipu”, based on a short story by Titus Popovici. The plot takes us to the days of the German retreat from Romania, in late 1944, as Romanian and Soviet troops were pushing West. A German soldier is killed by partisans in a Romanian village and the German commander announces reprisals against the civilians. The village mayor, priest, policeman, teacher and notary have their wives arrange a feast for the village “under-dog”, a man named Ipu, in an against-the-clock attempt to persuade him to take the blame for the entire village. 

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5 February 2011

Tenant Shot With 16 Gauge Rifle For Being Late On Rent

A 16 gauge is a large calibre hunting shotgun

A 31 years old man from Bucharest, Romania, was admitted on Thursday morning to a hospital in the Romanian capital, after having been shot with a big calibre rifle. The victim showed pellet shot marks to the face and to his right hand. Police quickly discovered that the shooter was none other than the victim’s landlord, a 53 years old man from Bucharest.

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