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10 March 2011

Italian couple arrested for child trafficking (Watch Video)

The couple had bought a three days old toddler from a young Romanian mother with whom they had previously made a deal, since before the child was born. As the pregnant Romanian woman was about to give birth, she was admitted to the maternity in Bacău using the italian woman’s identification documents. Thus, the child’s birth certificate had the Italian woman’s name on it as the mother of the toddler.

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11 January 2011

French Family Buys Gipsy Child from Romania in Installments

A Gipsy couple from Romania was arrested on Monday evening by the special Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office, under charges of human trafficking. According to the investigators, the couple had agreed to sell on of their children to a French family, while in France, in the year 2004. The price agreed was 5.000 Euros and the buyers allegedly paid it in installments. While the last part of the sum was being paid, the prosecutors came and arrested the couple. They face a sentence of 20 years in prison and a judge is expected to rule on their arrest warrants on Tuesday.

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