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8 December 2013

Chevron’s Fence Torn Down By Villagers in Pungești

Angry villagers in Pungești, Romania, tear down the fence surrounding the Chevron shale gas prospecting site, built against the locals’ opposition to the project. Riot police stands helplessly by. December 6th 2013.

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30 June 2011

TV Executive and Dozens Others Arrested in Romanian Male Prostitution Row

Doru Iuga, the TV executive allegedly connected to the prostitution ring

Almost 30 persons, among which a German citizen and a TV executive from Bucharest have been taken into custody on Thursday, in connection with a male luxury prostitution ring. Zender Klaus, a German national living in Romania for 11 years, is accused of organising the encounters between gay men and male prostitutes – meetings attended, among others, by a journalist and a football player. Prosecutors claim that young men and boys would be brought to a villa in Snagov, close to Bucharest, to entertain other gay men in all-out orgies. These parties would take place on week-ends, mostly, fact confirmed by several neighbours who claim to have seen lots of men coming and going from the house.

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22 June 2011

Romanian Parliament to Discuss Death Penalty Reinstatement

Liberal-Democrat senator Iulian Orban, supporter of the death penalty

This autumn, Romania’s MPs will have on their agenda the question of whether or not to reinstate the death penalty, after more than two decades since the capital punishment was abolished. Death sentences may again be legally pronounced against paedophiles who murder their victims, according to the bill submitted by the Liberal-Democrat senator, Iulian Orban. This initiative comes in the wake of an unseen crime wave against children. In the most recent case, a 10 years old girl was raped and then killed in Jimbolia, close to the Romanian-Serbian border.

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10 June 2011

Two-Pound Bladder Stone Removed from Romanian Patient

The stone removed from the patient weighs roughly one kilogram (Photo: Adevărul)

A 64 years old man from Dolj, Romania, was until recently the proud owner of what may be the world’s largest bladder stone ever to be surgically removed. Florea Rotaru was suffering from extreme abdominal pains, but, like many Romanians, avoided seeing a doctor about his ails for fear of surgery. When eventually the pain overwhelmed his will power, the man admitted voluntarily to the emergency room of the Craiova County Hospital, where he was immediately taken to the operating room. The doctors were completely surprised at the size of the bladder stone revealed by the X-rays. 

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10 June 2011

Survey: Three in Five Romanian Migrants Are There to Stay

Romanian migrants target low qualified jobs (Photo: Adevărul)

Around 60 percent of the 3 million Romanian migrants are not planning to come back to their motherland, it was revealed in a survey conducted by the Soros Foundation. They are saving up to 40% of their earnings abroad – which totalled 12 billion Euros in 2010 – and they are now sending less money to their families at home. The amount sent to Romania by the ex-pats decreased to 2.8 billion Euros in 2010, while the remaining 9 billions remained stored in Western banks, the same survey announced.

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