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15 December 2012

Iraqi Man Arrested in Romania, Suspected of Planning to Kill US and UK Diplomats


The 38 years old Khazar Karim Friad was detained by law enforcers on December the 13th, near the British Embassy in Bucharest. The Iraqi was in possession of a 7 inch knife and was plotting to physically injure and even to cause the death of several Western diplomats, it has been revealed in a press release from the Romanian Anti-terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (DIICOT). The targets were US and British diplomatic representatives posted to Romania, say the prosecutors. Investigators claim that the suspect is a follower of Saddam Hussein’s doctrine and thus was planning to avenge the military actions taken by Western powers on his country’s soil.

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2 February 2011

NOT Safe To Be A Foreigner: Stars Night Club, Romania

Stars Night Club, a place of many incidents (photo by Adevărul)

American citizens, soldiers and K1 fighters from Holland – they all shared the same fate in one Romanian night club, in Bucharest. They claim that they have been beaten, held prisoners and threatened, after their refusal to pay bills that had been seriously overpriced. One incident, on January the 16th 2011, involved three US soldiers, who were transiting Romania’s capital on their way to their unit in Kogălniceanu, Constanţa.

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9 January 2011

Dozens of Birds Misteriously Dead in Romania Within Miles of US Base

Around three dozens of dead starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) were discovered dead in Constanţa, a Romanian city by the Black Sea, within 15 miles from a US military base. On Saturday morning, local people living in the lighthouse area found the birds dead in the snow and in the branches of some trees. Local veterinarian authorities suspect that the birds may have been poisoned, but they will only be able to establish a final verdict after a toxicology examination of the corpses. The examination is scheduled for Monday. Romeo Lazăr, the director of the Sanitary-Veterinarian Direction of Constanţa supposes that the starlings might have eaten poisoned grain found by the rail track nearby. Local people found a suspicios looking empty bag near one of the buildings in the area. The dead birds have been collected and transported to the Sanitary-Veterinarian Direction of Constanţa, pending the examination. At about 15 miles from Constanţa, the US have a military airbase, by the Kogălniceanu airport.

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20 October 2010

Outrage at US Embassy Cartoon in Romania

An attempt to stop the Visa Lottery frauds has backfired for the US Embassy in Romania. It was not the idea, but the way it was performed. The diplomats posted an animated film on Facebook, one that was supposed to explain to Romanians how the lottery system works and how to avoid being scammed.

The animation, unfortunately, was made out in a language suitable for 5 years olds – not for adults. Using fables with characters like the “Bear”, the “Vixen” and the “Fisherman”, in terms even primary school children would describe as basic, the animation explains to Romanians how to apply without the risk of losing money and time.

Many Romanians are outraged at the language used and think the US Embassy has insulted the nation.

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