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8 December 2013

Chevron’s Fence Torn Down By Villagers in Pungești

Angry villagers in Pungești, Romania, tear down the fence surrounding the Chevron shale gas prospecting site, built against the locals’ opposition to the project. Riot police stands helplessly by. December 6th 2013.

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23 February 2011

Paedophile Convict James Connor To Appeal

Convicted paedophile James Connor is going to appeal against the ruling that sentenced him to a total of 22 year behind bars in Romania. The announcement was made by his new barrister, Ciprian Mitoşeru. “Of course we shall appeal against the sentence. The court’s decision seems extreme to me, as long as the children declared one thing during the prosecution phase and then they changed their statements in court”, said Mitoşeru.

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12 February 2011

Greek Brothers Tried To Smuggle Dead Granpa Over Border

One dead lorry driver and one dead traveler in a single day in Albiţa

Romanian border police officers in Albiţa, Vaslui, could not believe their eyes when they realized that two Greek men tried to get their dead grandfather across the border under the guise of being “deep asleep”. It may sound like something out of an Emir Kusturica movie, but it happened for real on February the 12th 2011. 

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17 January 2011

Killer Nuns Get Parole

The four nuns and the main culprit, father Corogeanu, standing trial in 2005Three of the four Romanian nuns convicted for the murder of another novice in 2005 have been released from prison, on good behaviour. In 2005, the four nuns and the priest Daniel Corogeanu, from the Tanacu monastery in Vaslui, Romania, crucified 22 years old novice Irina Cornici for three days with no food, nor water, in a bid to “rid her of demons”. The girl was suffering from schyzophrenia and her symptoms were considered by the priest a form of “demonic possession”. The priest received a 7 years sentence, while for of the nuns were convicted to a five years term each. They all claim, to this day, that they were just “serving the will of God”. The priest is up for release by January 2012.

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11 October 2010

Youngest Recording Musician – A Romanian Baby

He may be only 18 months old, but he can sing – and he’s got a record to prove it. Young Lucas, from Vaslui, Romania, has just recorded his first song – a cover from another youngling from a decade ago, “Dur, dur d’etre bebe”. The boy’s father, a composer by profession, once took him to the studio and let the boy wear the headphones – and the boy sang. His parents now want their boy in the Guiness Book of Records. The current title holder as youngest recording artist is Moldova’s Cleopatra Stratan, who recorded her first LP at age 3.

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29 September 2010

EXCLUSIVE! “Scottish Driver Did Not Molest Our Boy”

The family of the 9 year old Romanian boy who was allegedly sexually molested by a Scottish lorry driver in August this year makes surprising statements. According to the boy’s sister and to his aunt, the 9 year old boy, who was found in the Scottish driver’s company, along with another 13 years old, was not the victim of sexual abuse.

“He told us that the foreigner only had oral sex with the other boy, but not with ours”, claim both the aunt, and the elder sister, in an exclusive interview for Task Force Media.

The driver, James Connor, was arrested on August the 23rd in Vaslui, Romania. In the cabin of his lorry, the police found a 9 year old boy that had been reported missing, another 13 years old boy and a laptop computer that, according to prosecutors, contained pornographic images with children. Investigators claim that the Scottish driver took several children in his cabin, drove them around various locations in Romania and abused them. While doing that, he would also film the outrageous scenes.

James Connor is currently under arrest and, pending his trial, whose date has not been set yet.

Task Force Media can offer exclusive video footage of the interview.

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