About Task Force Media

Task Force Media offers the best solution for you, almost anywhere in Eastern Europe, whether you are planning to cover a news story, a factual production or to start up the next big thing on the media market.

Mihai Ursu, General Manager

Diana Şoldan, Manager, UK Division

Bogdan Zoicaş, Art&Visual Director








We organize shoots, we scout, we arrange video opportunities, interviews with hard-to-reach people for our clients. We offer state of the art equipment as well as professionals to hande it.

We produce “plug and play” content for our clients, according to projects, providing quality supervision and standard compliance.

We devise media development strategies, start up plans and management, but also promotion, PR and marketing strategies for media productions or institutions.

Ana Maria Luca, Manager, Lebanon Division

Stephen Furness, Technical Director

Claudia Craiu, Strategy Director

Our team of experts will give you the right advice and throw in the effort needed for your plans to come true.

Our portfolio of big corporate clients, with budgets sometimes in the order of millions of Euros, recommends us for the most challenging and daring media operations.

Contact us now for a free evaluation of your project!

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