What’s New At TFM

December the 27th

Task Force Media has set up a live broadcast studio and feedpoint in a very beautiful location in Bucharest, overlooking the Arc de Triomphe. From there, we can provide our clients with state of the art live transmissions via a web connection at broadcast quality. This way, our clients can get a professional live transmission without also having to bear the cost of a satellite link. For details about how to hire our feedpoint, contact us.

The short film about Bucharest’s narcotics unit is completed and can be viewed on our portfolio page.

October the 18th

Task Force Media’s Bogdan Zoicaş is on the last production stretch with his debut fiction film, “The Dogs”, scheduled to launch either later this year or very early next year. The film’s script tackles with the issue of corrupt media in Romania, portraying a journalist who refuses to go with the system and live the easy life. Bogdan’s film is going into post production in about a week’s time.

Also, in Lebanon, the state visits of Elena Udrea, Romania’s Secretary for Regional Development and Teodor Baconschi, the Foreign Secretary, to Beirut, will be covered by our own Ana Maria Luca for our clients who can commission the story via the usual means.

In Bucharest, we are about to complete the post production of “Capital Mission”, a short feature about some of the most spectacular missions of the Narcotics Squad. The production will also be featured on our website shortly.

We are also undertaking some other freelance camera crew operations, but more about them when they are finished.

October 11 – October 17

We have been busy-busy and we’ve now expanded our camera crew operation in Serbia and in Hungary. Task Force Media has now capabilities to operate in both neighbouring countries, thanks to our trusty partners.

Task Force Media’s Ana Maria Luca has been following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s steps as he visited Lebanon and filed a nice exclusive report for NOW Lebanon.

In Bucharest, Task Force Media provided valuable content for Russia Today, as the chairman of Gazprom, Alexey Borisovich Miller came to Bucharest to sign an important agreement about the development of the South Stream pipeline.

We are sorry to mark Sawatel Egypt’s lack of seriousness, after they cancelled a three days booking in the last minute and were not willing to take responsibility for it. This is a good chance to give you all a piece of advice: money in advance from Sawatel Egypt.


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