Romanian-Dutch Schengen Row Seems Unofficial State Policy

Romania’s seisure of a dozen Dutch lorries shipping in flowers from Holland as an alleged retaliation on Friday’s Dutch opposition to Romania’s accession to Schengen is anything but new, claim the Romanian media. France has also been targeted by similar retaliatory tactics, during Paris’ opposition to Romania’s admission to Schengen. Two major French companies under governmental contracts in Romania saw their contracts lost or almost lost, coincidentally at the very same time with the Romanian-French stalemate on the Schengen issue.

In April 2011, the French company Alstom had a 239 million Euros contract with Bucharest’s tube company Metrorex almost resiliated, as it was announced then by the head manager of Metrorex, Gheorghe Udrişte. Right after France reviewed its position on Schenge, after long negotiations, the Alstom contract was revised.

At the exact same time, Colas CF, another French enterprise, had its contract cancelled. Colas was building a segment of the Bucharest-Constanţa motorway and the reasons for the resiliation were alleged delays, lack of planning and lack of construction supplies.

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