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18 February 2011

Cab Driver Beaten To Death Over Parking Place

A 49 years old taxi driver from Bucharest was beaten to death by an 22 years old driver, Wednesday night, in a row over a parking place. The young man was trying to park his car in a relatively crowded zone in the Romanian capital. The taxi driver reportedly started to honk at him aggressively, trying to prompt him to speed up. According to the eye witnesses, the suspect was so annoyed by the honking that he got out of his car and started to hit the cab driver. 

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17 January 2011

Romania: A Second Wave of Dead Birds

Hundreds of birds died in Romania, for the second time in a month

Hundreds of dead or agonizing crows have brought terror to a town in the Eastern part of Romania. Since Saturday, the locals of Roman, a town of 80.000 people, have noticed that hundreds of crows fell to the ground dead or in agony in one of the local parks. On Monday, dozens of birds were struggling with death, unable to fly. Local experts suspect that the crows may have been poisoned, but no verdict can be given before a forensic study is conducted.

Some three dozens starlings have also been found dead in Constanţa, by the Black Sea, in Romania, on January the 8th. Veterinarians concluded that the starlings died of cold and alcohol intoxication.

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13 January 2011

Woman “Back From the Dead” After Two Weeks’ Coma

A 30 years old woman from Romania has made an unexpected recovery, after having been in a deep coma for 14 days and declared “clinically dead”. Loredana Jalbă, from Galaţi, Romania, was the victim of a freak accident, after a piece of rubble falling off an old building hit her in the head just before Christmas 2010.

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15 October 2010

Killed His Wife With H.I.V. Infection

A 40 years old woman from Botoşani, Romania, died, after having been intentionally infected with H.I.V. by her ex-husband. The man only told her that she was positive after having broken up with her. His victim’s condition was, at the time she learned about the ilness, too far off for treatment and she died shortly.

The woman kept her condition secret from her parents, who saw her die without knowing why. After she passed away, the victim’s parents found the letters from her ex husband, that informed her she had been infected. The man was arrested and is now on trial for murder, for which he faces a term of 25 years in prison. He has had an H.I.V. infection for 10 years and receives medical treatment for it. The suspect’s priors include also the arson of a church in Botoşani.

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10 October 2010

Three Lives Claimed by Cold in Romania

Three people have so far died because of the sudden cold temperatures that hit Romania earlier than expected. An old man in Bucharest died in the street, after having been exposed to cold rain and wind. Hundreds of people saw him agonize, yet nobody thought of giving the dying man the help that might have saved him, reports Pro TV.

Another man, in Iaşi, suffered the same fate. Medics and ambulance doctors resuscitated him 11 times, but his heart stopped for the 12th time and there was nothing anyone could do.

Authorities expect more people to lose their lives in Romania because of the cold. Three out of Bucharest’s six sectors do not have any shelters for the homeless. And the existing shelters only open after temperatures drop below zero Celsius for three nights in a row.

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9 October 2010

Romanians Would Rather Freeze Than Pay

Faced with the coldest winted in decades, over 60 thousand families – in Bucharest only – still refuse to have their flats heated, as temperatures took an early dive towards freezing point. Between 10 to 15 percent of all housing associations actively refused to have heat delivered to their homes, fearing the imminent rise in heating bills. According to the RADET (the official centralized heating provider) representatives, some building administrators refuse to turn on the heat, although many home owners urge them to.

“People will freeze to death in their homes by the dozens this winter. The poor and the elderly are most exposed, as they fear the rise in bill value the most”, claims the president of the Home Owners’ Association, Mihai Mereuţă.

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1 October 2010

Survey: Death Penalty, No Citizenship for Roma

One in two Romanians would vote for the reinstatement of the death penalty in Romania, whilst only 42 percent would vote against it, reveals a recent survey. Also, 55 percent of Romanians would vote in favour of revoking the Romanian citizenship of all the Gipsies found guilty of crimes in Western Europe.

32 percent of the Romanians questioned think that this measure would be inappropriate. And only 46 percent of the survey’s subjects would vote against the revoking of citizenship in the case of Hungarians nationals who claim authonomy.

The last execution was carried out in Romania on December the 25th 1989, when Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were killed by firing squad. Immediately afterwards, the death penalty was abolished.

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